Why RbooksGrip is the future of publishing


We enter the publishing world to make online reading more interesting! 📲📖

Publishing Industry & Tech:

The latest breakthrough innovation in the publishing industry happened in 2007 with the launch of Amazon's Kindle. Since then, a lot of startups have entered the space, either by trying to take advantage of the growing demand for ebooks or by creating tools and marketplaces for readers and authors, like weekly book recommendations. However, most of them failed.

Here comes RbooksGrip:

We enter the publishing world because we believe that no one has challenged the books' format since 2007 and it is time someone does so. By utilizing the continuous growth and adoption of technology, we create books in a new modern format. We achieve that by splitting books into scenes and adding music, audio, and visual effects depending on the plot. We call this Grip. In the future, we are going to implement technologies such as AR.

Why we launched only a demo:

We know that this is a difficult endeavor, so we have created a demo using a very short story in order to get feedback from readers and validate if this is something people actually enjoy.

Who is this for:

Books in this format are great for users that read online, especially those who enjoy listening to music while reading. In addition, people that watch movies and series with subtitles are going to find this a very familiar experience. We also strongly believe that this new format is great for younger generations who are used to consuming content with movement, music, and sound effects.

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